The newest series of Travel Trailers from Eclipse RV, the Ultra Light Evolution X is designed to meet the needs of lighter weight towing vehicles.  Evolution X offers a high quality spectrum of features.  The Evolution X exteriors are well built with strong aluminum frames and laminated fiberglass walls.  The lightweight floors are built with aluminum frames and vacuum bonded, allowing durability and weight savings.  Some highly evolved features are:  the wide track axle balance system, zero clearance and larger water tank capacity, unique floor plans, designer interiors.  Evolution X offers you the Ultimate Lightweight Trailer that is light on your pocketbook as well.


Below are the current models offered by EVOLUTION X Trailers




All product data, graphics and photography are as accurate as possible.  Subsequent refinements during the model year may be evident in the actual product.  Eclipse RV, Inc. reserves the right to change prices, colors, materials, equipment and specifications without notice - as well as to add, modify or discontinue models shown.  Unloaded vehicle weight and carrying capacities will vary upon optional equipment.


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More floorplans, specs and pictures coming soon!